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Breeding Services and Fees

There is a $350.00 charge which covers boarding and breeding services for your female. We attempt two natural breedings. The remaining stud fee is required to be paid in full within two weeks following the whelping of your litter. Upon receipt of the stud fee, the signed litter registration papers will be mailed to you.

Four puppies are considered a full litter. With less than four puppies, the fee will be reduced by dividing the stud fee by the number of puppies whelped. For instance, if the stud fee is $1000 and only one pup is born, the stud fee would be reduced to $250. If the breeding does not take, all but the $350 boarding and service charge will be refunded.
There is a $100 round-trip airport charge for shipping your dog to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport.
If you choose to leave your dog during the breeding process the first five days are free, thereafter boarding is $42.00 per day.

Stud Fees: $1000.00

We reserve the right to decline stud service. All stud fees’ are subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions
What documents are required?

Prior to breeding your female, we will need:

  • Copy of current vaccinations, including Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  • Copy of the AKC registration papers
  • Copy of Pedigree
  • Copy of OFA or Penn Hip
  • Copy of Eye certification, CERF
  • Negative Brucellosis test results within 10 days of breeding
  • OFA elbows (recommended)
  • EIC, PRA and CNM tests (recommended)
What Is the benefit to Ovulation Testing?

Generally, the 11th and 14th day of the heat cycle brings the best results, however each dog is unique. Therefore, it is recommended that you have smears and/or progesterone tests done to determine the optimal breeding time for your female. Please call us if you have questions about these tests.

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