Northfield Kennels provides training of single purpose canines for the search and detection of a variety of substances. Northfield Kennels prides itself on high levels of training proficiency and standards. We continually work to develop and enhance the way working dogs are bread, raised, trained, and utilized.


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What We Do

Northfield Kennels offers custom training support with multiple breeds according to client needs.  Service to the client’s expectations and needs are always of primary importance. We offer mobile and fixed training services at your facility or ours, respectively. We offer training for article search, building/open area search, human conceal search, including on and off leash capabilities.

We also provide canine selection and procurement, indoor/outdoor detection training, obedience training, force fetching, collar conditioning, imprinting training, conventional retriever training, and more.

* Northfield Kennels uses Labrador Retrievers for these reasons: their high intellegence, trainability and great sense of smell. They are family friendly and have a high success rate in completing their training.




Though not an exhaustive list, or dogs are trained to detect:

Alcohol, Allergens, Bed Bugs, Cell Phones, Currency, Explosives, Firearms, Invasive Species, Mold, Narcotics, Natural Gas, Termites, Wildlife, and more.

focus amid distraction

We focus on training our dogs around distractions.


Our Mission

Northfield Kennels strives to produce the best dog for each situation. Each of our dogs is put through a variety of tests to ensure environmental stability and provide the best performance possible.

Detection Services

What can we do specifically for you?

In their training we teach our dogs to detect buried or hidden objects, visible objects (bags, lockers, boxes, etc.), in or around vehicles, fields, and even directly on people. With this training we can provide you with the peace of mind you need.

Below is a small list of services we can provide.

  • Airport Services
  • Commercial Services
  • Event and Sport Venue Services
  • Prison and Jail Services
  • Residential Services
  • School Services

If you are interested in any of these services please feel free to contact us.

Don’t see the service you need? Please contact us to share your specific detection service needs.