About Us

Northfield Kennels is a clean and modern all-breed training and boarding facility. We train and board dogs in a kind and caring environment where our objective is to provide a truly productive and enjoyable experience for your dog. At Northfield Kennels, dogs enjoy a safe, clean, healthy, and productive environment during their stay. With our relaxed country setting, indoor climate controlled kennels and reasonable rates, we are confident that you will find Northfield Kennels your dog’s favorite home away from home. We offer roomy 5’ X 10’ solid-panel indoor kennels and virtually unlimited outside exercise space. We are experienced, knowledgeable, working owners who provide warm and caring attention for your pet. You can rely on us for quality care and individualized attention.

We’re also a training center for hunting, bird-and-gun, off-leash obedience, fetching and retrieving, stud dog training, deer antler shed training, and a variety of government, private, law enforcement, search and rescue, explosives, and other detection training.

We offer intermediate and advanced trainings, companion animal training, and are active with our sister non-profit organization, BelieVet, in providing service dogs to Veterans in need.

For all of your boarding and training needs, contact us!


What We Do


We offer spacious indoor kennels with heated floors for the cold winters and air conditioning for the warm summers. Raised beds, plenty of play time, and other amenities.


We provide a variety of hunting, obedience, and detection training for individuals, companies, law enforcement and families.

Breeding Services

Northfield kennels can assist you in the breeding process. We provide boarding, ovulation testing, and other services for your litter.

Puppies for Sale

We take advantage of the finest Labrador bloodlines so that we can offer our customers a truly wonderful hunting dog, detection dog, and/or family companion.

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